The machazot of the Ramchal

The Ram’hal zt”l wrote machazot ! This may surprise some charedim, but it’s a fact !

And these machazot have been preserved. Have a look on

לישרים תהלה
מעשה שמשון
מגדל־עז, או ֻתמת ישרים

That the Ramchal wrote theater plays will not astonish those who know the history of the Jews in Italy and Amsterdam. They loved the culture of the Renaissance and devoted themselves to latin letters without the slightest shame.

The Leyesharim tehila was performed in Amsterdam at the wedding of Yaakob Chaves, a student of Ramchal.

According to the mequbalim, like Rav Mordechai Chriqui shlit’a, these machazot are allegories that teach us the Kabbalah of Ariza”l.

A small note on academic publications dealing with Judaism : these publications have made comparatism a kind of religion.

Undoubtedly these poor little Jews in exile in the world of the university are obliged to play the card of multiculturalism to hope to survive as much as possible in faculties dominated by the iron hand of the left …

And these publications strongly insist that Ramchal took as a model the pieces of Giovanni Batista Guarini that he saw in the company of his professor of secular matters, Rav Isaac Cantarini.

In the same way, these unfortunates scoff at the fact that the Ramchal took a treatise on logic written by a Protestant theologian as a model of his Sefer hahigayone. But logic is universal ! The Ramchal used this book as a template. That’s all !

The pieces of Guarini are written in isometric verses. The musicality of the dialogues had to please this stylish ending that is Ramchal. On the other hand, their content, saturated with roman mythology and latin hedonism, must not have made a strong impression on the author of the Messilas yesharim.

The Ramchal took the fruit after removing the bark. He found in the mud sparks of light, extracted and raised them. Is not this a natural step for a Kabbalist ? I even think that he has been ingenious in taking particularly goyish models to have the pleasure of operating a profound and decisive tikun.

One can dream that the Ramchal theater can be reborn and studied with the attention it deserves by those who deserve it.

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