A message for my Zivug

Having met my zivug, this page is for her only !

Dear Zivug,                                                                                                                             בס”ד

If you are maamina torah and shomeret mizvot, I am ready to marry you and if you have children, I am ready to take care of you and your children. Being an easygoing man, you and your children will always be free to do what they want… בס”ד,

You will understand why I am ready to take care of you and your children,  dear Zivug, when you will read my story.

By the way, this page is only for you and me ! Regular visitors of my site don’t have access to this page…

Please allow me to introduce myself. Let’s begin with a recent picture.

If I am decently good-looking for you, please now have a look on my civil status.

Michel‎ Depiesse (pronounce de pi s)
מיכאל בן אברהם
​Antwerp, Belgium
60 years of age
Ger tzedek in February 2015 (Beit Din of Rav Karelitz in Bne Braq)
0032 471 09 21 58
Languages : French (native), English & Nederlands (very good), Hebrew (beginner)
Education : University degree in computer networks
Occupation : Software developer & database designer
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If it suits your purposes, please read my story.

What I do now ?
I live in Antwerp since 3 years and I have a lot of friends. I have youthful look and mindset. I am vegan.  I don’t smoke. I work as a programmer for diamond brokers. I learn a lot with several havrutot. I pray with chassidim. I am a modern orthodox with a chassidish soul. I have a modern look and I am not affiliated to any organization. In short : I am very well integrated in the kehila of Antwerp where I have a good parnassa. The kehila of Antwerp is my family. But…  There is not much single ladies of my age. Not much… For the sentimental boy I am, it is a tragedy, dear Zivug, a horrible tragedy…

Who I was in the past ?
My family comes from Virton, a small city in the south of Belgium. I lived in Brussels. I was married for 18 years. I have a son who is now 27 years old. Although I had a good relationship with him and his mother during the 10 years after the separation, they broke all contact since I am jewish. My son was very close to me. He wanted to come with me in Antwerp. My heart is broken… I have love to give… Do you understand now, dear Zivug, why I would like to have a family ? Not just a girlfriend ! A family !

What I would like to do in the future ?
To be your husband, to be a good friend of your children, to learn Torah, to perform mitzvot, to develop the professional activity explained on this site, to become fluent in עברית. That’s simple !

You are surely a careful Lady who asks for information before taking any decision. I have a huge list of references with several rabbis and my five study partners. Some of them know me for many years. Two of them know my son and his mother. All of them are orthodox jews. They prefer that I give their names and numbers to well-established contacts only.

My shortcomings
I am a little too emotive, a little too talkative, a little too direct, quite workaholic and I am not yet as rich as Rothschild…

My qualities
People say that I am kind, polite, transparent, calm, caring, generous, amusing and energetic… and that I am a good cook !

If you believe that I am your zivug, dear zivug, don’t hesitate to call me ! It is always possible to reach an amicable agreement with me…

And don’t forget : Alles ist bashert !

Faithfully yours !