%d7%9e%d7%99%d7%9b%d7%90%d7%9c7-52Michel מיכאל‎ Depiesse (pronounce “de pi s”) 
Excel & SQL programmer

One person company located in Antwerp
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My objective

I just created my startup : XL-connection. I would like to become hyper-excellent in XL & SQL programming, data visualization and reporting, query optimization, relational database design, … Being at this time just excellent, I bought an entire library on these matters… Having extensive experience with relational database systems and being open-minded, I am able to easily adapt to any business and to any RDBMS. By the way, as (almost) everybody, I have a preference for PostgreSQL.

This blog

My job of a SQL programmer and my learning of jewish religious laws go well together.  Instead of trying to dissimulate that I am an orthodox jew, I dare to try a synthesis between traditional hebraic logic and modern information technology. I find my inspiration in the books about logic, language and communication written by Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, a scholar of the 18th century, and modern mathematical logic.

My commitment to the relational model

Despite the hype about NoSQL models, I stay committed to relational model because :
• It is a matter of fact that the relational model absorbs concurrent models
• Very robust relational databases are used since years by a lot of people
• PostgreSQL, the most powerful of relational databases, is open-source
• NewSQL databases are very fast
• SQL is a good implementation of the Predicate Calculus which is
• the language of mathematics since 100 years
• the formalization of aristotelian logic, the model of rationality since 2300 years
• SQL is used even on NoSQL databases


The present
I live in Antwerp. I am a database developer and administrator working with Linux and PostgreSQL. I have a one person company : Michel Depiesse Consulting. While studying higayone – the hebraic logic – I deepen my knowledge of SQL,  relational theory, Entity-Relationship model, UML, mathematical logic…

The past
I lived in Brussels. I got degrees in IT and I worked for years in big companies. Have a look on my resume. After some years with C and Perl programming and Unix administration, I worked with databases as administrator, developer and designer with Oracle and SQL Server. I learned the relational model and I enjoyed it because I love logic since my early youth. At the age of twelve, I had an awesome mathematics teacher who taught set theory, propositional and predicate calculus, truth tables, boolean algebra…