Table of contents

Design & programming

Remove duplicate records from a table

Trees (1) : the adjacency list model

Trees (2) : visualization with R

RelGraph : a relational model for graphs

Trees (3) : ltree extension of PostgreSQL

A simple audit system

How to safely delete records ?

To list all the indexes of a database

To list all pk’s and fk’s in a database

Calculated columns with a trigger

Alter a column data type in all tables

Higayone & Melitza

Leshon limudim veDerech chochma

The Ramchal and Pierre de la Ramée

Sefer haDiqduq leRamchal

The pedagogical method of the Ramchal

A framework to ease the analysis of the gemara

The mnemonic of the Ramchal

The machazot of the Ramchal

The Book of the Honeycomb’s Flow